Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have a guiding principle in my life that I like to call The Rule of Threes. It goes something like this: I hear something new and interesting, store it away somewhere in my brain, and promptly forget about it. I hear the same thing a second time, think "hmmm . . . where did I just hear that?" and start to pay attention. I hear it a third time and I figure somebody's trying to tell me something. Some people look for burning bushes or voices in the night. I go for something a little less obvious.

And so it is that this blog came to be. Several months ago when I first decided to try my hand at beekeeping my sweet daughter Eliza suggested that I start a blog about my new adventure. Then, my smart niece Kristen (who is of a literary bent) asked politely whether I'd thought of blogging my project so that others could share in the experience. Then, just last night, my Facebook buddy and fellow vintage tablecloth aficianado Becky P. stepped up with blog request #3, even adding a "please" and several exclamation points. How could I refuse?
I don't know whether anyone other than Eliza, Kristen, and Becky will ever read this blog. But hey - at the very least, it'll be a good way to keep track of my new adventure and see where it leads. And who knows? Maybe I'll become the next "Julie and Julia" and Meryl Streep will end up playing me in the movie version. If that happens, will you be my book editor, Kristen?

Until then - off to bed, to dream of hives and bees and jars and jars of sweet golden honey.

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  1. Hey Mommy! Great job on the first two posts - I can't wait to see how hooked you get on this blog thing. I love you!